Join the fight to bring back FREEDOM, UNITY, ENTERPRISE, AND LIBERTY to Michigan! 

The FUEL Pass is the key for YOU to officially be a part in helping IronPig restaurant and the legal action we are taking against the State of Michigan for shutting down all the restaurants. We already won a HUGE landmark case but there is a long way to go.  We can take this lawsuit to claims AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! By owning a Fuel Pass you become a part of this with us! + Check out all the “other perks” we have added to this…. They NEVER go away!

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The FUEL pass is a community driven project founded in Gaylord, Michigan with the goal of bringing Freedom, Unity, Enterprise, and LIBERTY back to Michigan!

When you join the FUEL community you’re becoming part of an effort to take direct political action in Michigan.  Much of this action has ALREADY STARTED!

We are facilitating this community with the use of a FREE NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that is given to everyone who JOINS THE FIGHT! This allows all of YOU to not just contribute to the community, but to be an OWNER in the community. Each NFT holder not only helps our mission to bring Freedom, Unity, Enterprise, and LIBERTY back to Michigan, but is taking action WITH us by being an owner. 

*Make sure to read about the SPECIFIC action we will take as a community below in our roadmap*


How many stories have you heard about a conservative movements being shut down by crowd funding sites like GoFundMe and others? It happens ALL THE TIME! Utilizing a NFT allows us to remain COMPLETELY independent and decentralized and protects our effort to make lasting change in Michigan and beyond!

Furthermore, when you contribute to causes you believe in using most crowdfunding sites you receive nothing in exchange. With a NFT you are receiving a digital asset with potential for REAL value. That means if you no longer want to be part of the community you can sell your NFT. 

With great NFT projects there is also potential for the value to increase based on supply and demand. 

With each purchase of a FUEL Pass, an NFT is included.

  • Secured funds
  • Secured ownership

(Unlike the Canadian trucker campaign, this money cannot be traced or frozen)


The Fuel PASS community has ALREADY taken tremendous action and provided countless benefits for members, but we’re just getting started! Check out what we’ve done below, and what’s coming!


It is the best way to support The Iron Pig Smokehouse. Help the restaurant stay open in the midst of the constant attempted shutdowns from the government.

Support The Iron Pig Smokehouse and liberate Michigan

1. 15% off Food at The Iron Pig Smokehouse

2. 20% off Merch at The Iron Pig Smokehouse

3. Add your name to the Wall of Fame

4. Get a Member Hoodie

5. Get a Member 20oz Stein (which gives you 50% off draft beers, forever!)

6. One LIFETIME Fuel Fest Pass

7. Fuel Fest Meet & Greets (this is the ONLY way to get these!)


Ian Murphy founded NFT Fuel Pass. The idea was inspired by Ian’s ongoing legal action against the state of Michigan over unconstitutional action that was taken against his restaurant (The Iron Pig Smokehouse). Basically Ian REFUSED to shut down his restaurant during COVID and STAYED OPEN THE ENTIRE TIME!...the state didn’t like that…

…but Ian was not going to stand idly by and see the constitution trampled on, and created a MOVEMENT with his legal action, garnering national attention and winning case after case against the state. 

Ian partnered with the company Price Slide to help launch the first annual “Fuel Fest” which featured speakers and performers such as Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Ryan D. Kelley, nationally touring comedian Dave Landau, and performing artists Jake & Mikayla Hoult, and Skyelor Anderson.

The FUEL pass founders are REAL action takers making HUGE moves in Michigan, and they’re just getting started!


A fight FOR, not against.

Fuel stands for Freedom, Unity, Enterprise, and Liberty. It is the ethos of what our community wants to bring back to Michigan!

Our founders are 100% verified and ACTUAL residents of GayLord Michigan! Furthermore Ian Murphy and his restraurant have had a VERY public fight against the state of Michigan.  You can learn more about the details of the fight by checking out these news articles. CLICK HERE

This is the best way for YOU to be apart of the legal action we are taking against the State of Michigan for shutting down all the restaurants! We already won a HUGE landmark case but there is a long way to go… We want to see Gretchen GO! Plus once we win we can take this lawsuit to claims!!! By joining the community you become a part of this with us! PLUS check out all the “other perks” we have added to this…. They NEVER go away!

What is FUEL?

How do I know I can trust this project?

What is an NFT?

Why join the community? 

It stands for Non-Fungible Token (what the heck is that?) Simple… Think of it as the ultimate VIP Pass that will never go away! It’s stored 100% digitally, and you can CONFIRM your ownership of it. 

+ unlock lifetime access to Fuel fest tickets, VIP treatment at both restaurant & events, name on the ‘Freedom Wall’ at the Iron Pig Restaurant, and more.





Town Hall Meeting

Check out our virtual Town Hall Meeting from Friday September 9th where we talk about FUEL Pass, our brand ambassador Dave Landau makes an appearance, and more!

Tudor Dixon Interview

Tudor Dixon hosted a Freedom Rally at the Iron Pig Smokehouse!

Fuel Pass

Dave Landau, our FUEL Pass Ambassador, joins the Murphy’s Law Podcast to talk about a number of different topics from FUEL Pass, to the election happening in Michigan.